Monday, July 28, 2014

Darth Daddy's Google+ Profile Surpasses a Million Views

Less than a year ago, Dad opened a Google+ profile so we both could appear as guest speakers on a Google+ Hangout video podcast.  After Dad's profile was completed, we forgot that we ever created the profile.  About two months ago we decided to start using the profile to increase exposure for the blog here and Dad's profile page really took off.  Last night, Dad's profile cleared a million views.  We never believed that something we did at our kitchen table would have ever become so popular.  Thank you all for all of your interest in our Star Wars custom action figure art!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Not every droid's owner is a nice one, so you better do your job well. If you have the wrong kind of master, you may find yourself disintegrated on a cruel device like the droid torture rack!

painted by Elias

Elias only painted the torture rack and not the droid.


created by Chewie

"After seeing Chewie's droid, I really want to take mine to the next level now that I have the rack painted up." - Elias

Torture Rack
Purchased from, with added "hooks" from droid parts from a WED droid that came with the Legacy Jawa

Sad Droid
head - TAC medical droid
torso - TAC medical droid
wires - butchered extension cord
rest - TAC medical droid/Legacy WED droid parts

Elias' Torture Rack was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.


We saw the torture rack kit sold by Hole In the Ground Productions on Facebook a few months ago and grabbed a set afraid they'd sell out fast. This kit comes in four unpainted pieces. A top and bottom in cast resin and two aluminum "pistons" that glue into place. When assembled, it measures approximately 6" wide by 6" tall. This diorama piece was not made to fit a specific action figure, so you will have to decide how best to display it. You may have to modify a figure for best results.

Elias just finished painting his torture rack and it really spiced up his Jabba's Palace display. Grab yours while you can!

Friday, July 25, 2014


So I guess this isn't exactly an action figure. It's a statue. He stands about 2.5" tall and is solid hand cast resin.  It was love at first sight and we had to get him.  He'd be great in a Star Wars diorama.  

MEATHEAD TOYS struck gold with this concept.  His execution is exceptional too!  We found his work surfing the net and we recommend checking MEATHEAD TOYS out.  He has a lot of fun pieces that you won't see anywhere else.

He has a lot of customs for sale on his website, as well as this enlightened droid pictured below.  We really love his Droids cartoon inspired astromechs with their long skinny limbs. We'll leave his Wookiee figures as a surprise for when you give his page a look.  Love our purchase on this one.  This piece is just beautiful!


He's here to help open the door to enlightenment.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make Your Own Admiral Ackbar's Command Chair, Tatooine Hut & Endor Imperial Bunker (4" scale)

We're huge fans of TheBudgetJedi's tutorials and his latest video is another awesome installment that teaches us all how to enhance our Star Wars displays on the cheap!

Here's are two bonus videos that we missed when they came out, but they are equally cool.

I think we're going to try this one.

YouTube page:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clone Wars "99" Custom Action Figure created by Darth Daddy

99 was a malformed clone of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett who served the cloning facilities at Tipoca City on the planet Kamino during the Clone Wars.

99 was deemed unfit for service in the Grand Army of the Republic because of his limited physical abilities and overly rapid aging and was assigned to perform janitorial duties in Kamino's cloning facilities.

He befriended the members of Domino Squadcadets CT-782, CT-00-2010, CT-21-0408, CT-4040, and CT-5555—during their final exam to become clone troopers. However, Domino Squad lacked proper teamwork, which caused it to fail the Citadel Challenge

Though Jedi Master Shaak Ti decided to give Domino Squad a second chance, 99 later caught CT-782 attempting to go absent without leave in the middle of the night. 99 pleaded with CT-782, whom he nicknamed Hevy, not to leave and taught him the importance of teamwork and brotherhood. Deciding to take 99's advice and name to heart, Hevy led his squad to finish its final exam. Later, Hevy decided to give his graduation medal to 99, with the promise that they would meet again. 

During an attack launched against Tipoca City by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, 99 assisted clone troopers CT-21-0408, CT-27-5555, and a group of cadets against the invading droid forces. After meeting with CT-7567 and CC-2224, 99 assisted the captain and commander in defending the city. 99 was shot and killed by a battle droid while attempting to retrieve explosives for use in combating the droids. Once the Confederacy was pushed back, 99 was mourned by his brothers and commended as a true soldier.

99 was a dedicated and loyal member of the maintenance division of the Grand Army of the Republic, but was often looked down upon because of his deformity—while 99 always respected his brothers. 99 was also a source of wisdom and was able to develop a strong friendship with Hevy after talking him out of going AWOL. 

Despite his limitations, 99 was proud of his basic soldier's heritage which his brothers were able to execute, and was determined to be useful in combat. When Kamino was invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, 99 helped out as best he could by delivering needed weaponry to the clone troopers.

I've always had a soft spot for 99.  I really respect 99's love for his fellow brothers.  Although, 99 wasn't considered to be worthy for battle, he was still brave enough to make the ultimate sacrifice defending Kamino during its invasion.  The immense heart that 99 exemplified throughout the first two episodes of Clone Wars Season 3 made me want to pay tribute to the character.  I threw him together over the course of the week and made all of his accessories, other than backpack and helmet, by hand.  I have been really wanting to make this action figure for a really long time now.  I really geeked out when I finally got him finished.  Definitely one of my favorite clones of all-time.

Clone Wars "99" Custom Action Figure 
created by Darth Daddy

 I fabricated Hevy's medal out of Green Stuff that I rolled flat and allowed to dry.  I then cut out the shapes I needed with a scissor.

 I attached a magnet to the medal so I could attach it to a second magnet I glued into the backpack making it harder to lose my accessories and preventing them from falling out of the backpack.

 I also magnetized the grenades 99 carries in his backpacks so they didn't roll away on me.

Ready for battle!


Head - Sculpted onto a Clone Wars "Captain Rex" with both Aves Fixit and Green Stuff
Upper Torso - Sculpted onto a Clone Wars "Mandalorian Police Officer" with both Aves Fixit and Green Stuff
Arms - Clone Wars "Quinlan Vos" (Hard-sculpted with a Dremel)
Lower Torso - Modified Clone Wars "Mace Windu" (shortened with Xacto Knife)
Hands - Modified  Unknown Hands
Knees - Clone Wars "Pirate Speederbike Cad Bane"
Boots - "Mandalorian Police Officer"
Belt - Sculpted with Green Stuff
Backpack - Clone Wars "Clone Trooper Draa"

99 was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Darth Daddy's "99" was featured on's Facebook page,

Darth Daddy's "99" was shared by Chris Spice on's Facebook page.

Darth Daddy's "99" was shared by The Wolfpack Podcast's Facebook page with a nice endorsement from BudgetJedi Ed.