Monday, April 21, 2014


Recently Dad was asked to do a commission of a Clone Wars Chancellor Palpatine.  Dad currently doesn't take on any commissions, but Dad thought that maybe I was capable of making the figure if I decided I wanted to give it a try. At the time I backed out of the commission feeling way too intimidated, but I still wanted to see if it was something I could do.  

I used the body from the "Attack of the Clones" Palpatine with head and neck casts of the Clone Wars Darth Sidious without his hood on. Because Dad had molded the head, I didn't have to be afraid of ruining it if my sculpted hair didn't turn out well.  If I messed up, I could just make another.  

Cool thing is, I got it right on my first try and got this figure done in just 4 hours! 

I'm so glad that I just jumped right back into sculpting. Completing a second sculpting project, less than a week from finishing my first sculpt, really solidified my confidence in myself as a sculptor after observing such successful results.

created by Elias


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yakfinities #52 Continues...

041914yak's current Customizing Challenge is starting to kick into high gear as customizers across the fan community have created some amazing custom figures already in honor of Jabba the Hutt’s Entourage!  Check out the latest submissions, or roll up your sleeves and create your own entry and show off your skills after the jump!


Just wanted to share some cool video treats that we saw on YouTube that we really enjoyed.  The first video is pretty old, but it has always been one of our favorites.  The Kessel Run Review was a great show.  If only Jesus brought the Kessel Run Review back from the dead with him.  Their commercials were hilarious and to be able to watch them back-to-back, all in a row, is pure joy.

The second video is an awesome cardback creation tutorial from DS Customs for all you customizers who want to put your favorite custom on a card!

Have a great holiday everyone!

Kessel Run Review - Season 1 & 2 Commercials featuring Jabba's Dancers created by Darth Daddy

DS Customs Custom Action Figure Cardback Making Tutorial Update

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Yoxgit" created by Darth Daddy

Yoxgit was an male Ugnaught whose homeworld was the gas giant Bespin. A security systems technician with a mining company A'roFilter on Cloud City—a mining colony that floated in the atmosphere of Bespin—he was discontent with the amount of money he made at his job. Eventually, Yoxgit began secretly supplying Tibanna gas to Hermi Odle, a Baragwin weapons designer working for a Hutt crime lord named Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Due to his criminal activities, Yoxgit was able to afford fashionable clothing, a chrome-plated cloud car, and an upper city apartment. By the time of the Galactic Empire's takeover of Cloud City in 3 ABY, Yoxgit led a gang of Ugnaughts and was a contact of the Rebel Alliance. During the Imperial occupation, Yoxgit aided in freezing the Human smuggler and Alliance captain Han Solo in carbonite under the orders of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who commanded the occupying Imperial forces. Shortly thereafter, Yoxgit was forced to reveal the details surrounding the capture of Captain Solo after he and his gang unsuccessfully attempted to kill a group of Rebels who came to him for information on the Imperial occupation. 

Following these events, he realized that he would no longer be able to enjoy his new lifestyle, and he chose to leave Bespin for the planet Tatooine, Jabba's seat of power. Once on Tatooine, Odle assigned him to maintain Jabba's security systems and observe the movements of the Baragwin's Skrilling nemesis, Pote Snitkin, as well as Snitkin's Yuzzum minion, Wam Lufba. Due to his proficiency with his work, the Ugnaught found his way into Jabba's favor, and was invited to witness the execution of three prisoners at the Great Pit of Carkoon from the sail barge Khetanna. Unfortunately for Jabba and Yoxgit, the prisoners escaped and turned the tables on the crime lord's guards, while Jabba was slain by Leia Organa, a friend of the prisoners. In the hopes of keeping his life of ease, Yoxgit prepared to kill Organa to curry favor with Jabba's successor, but he was killed when one of the prisoners, Jedi Luke Skywalker, destroyed the Khetanna with the vehicle's deck cannon

To make this figure a unique headsculpt was constructed and then placed onto an older super-articulated Ugnaught body we had in fodder.  The apron on the Ugnaught figure was swapped  out with an inperial officer skirt that was modified by removing the belt buckle and belt off of the front of the piece and then sculpting a new belt that drooped below the waistline.

created by Darth Daddy

Still from Return of the Jedi

Make any custom of a character you consider to be part of Jabba's gang, and you're set! Just make it a new custom! It can be fan fiction, EU, ROTJ based, whatever - entries will be accepted April 1 - July 31.  As always will have some random prizes announced during the Roundup Report.

Dad's Yoxgit was featured on's Realm Recap #11

Friday, April 18, 2014

Custom Tree Huts Project Update


The guys at TwelfthParsec have written in to let us know about an update on their campaign to deliver some cool Ewok related items to the market (including playsets).  They have met their fundraising goal, but have been able to extend their campaign a bit longer with some new stretch goals in mind, and for each goal met, contributors will get special perks with additional accessories with their order.

Read all about it here, and their campaign page can be accessed here.   Better act quick if you want to get your hands on one of these sets though, the campaign ends in one week!

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Shasa Tiel" created by Darth Daddy

This was a quick action figure Dad threw together to help promote Yakfinities #52: Jabba's Denezins.  Dad used the body of a Black Series Ceremonial Luke with the head and hands of the Ishi Tib action figure.  Dad just had to repaint the neck, jacket, and shirt to finish this guy off after he put some pins in the hand to articulate them.

Tiel left SoroSuub after being blackmailed and fell to crime, ending up in the employ of Jabba Desilijic Tiure. She continued her accounting profession there under Mosep Binneed alongside Tessek and Loje Nella. Like them, she came to despise her employer and sought to regain her freedom.

Tiel was present in Jabba's Palace, asleep on Jabba's dais, when Leia Organa disguised as Boushh, attempted to free Han Solo from carbonite. She later witnessed Luke Skywalker's encounter with the rancor and was aboard the Khetanna when the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon broke out.

We'll have another custom action figure from Jabba's next week so make sure you come back to see it!

"Shasa Tiel"
created by Darth Daddy

Dad's Shasa Tiel was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Make any custom of a character you consider to be part of Jabba's gang, and you're set! Just make it a new custom! It can be fan fiction, EU, ROTJ based, whatever - entries will be accepted April 1 - July 31.  As always will have some random prizes announced during the Roundup Report.